About Doppler

Your app store for machine learning.
A central hub to discover and predict on pretrained models.

Who we are

We believe machine learning is a problem set that should be solved through community efforts. Our mission is to help make AI and ML more accessible, for small and large businesses.

Your company doesn't need data scientists, machine learning engineers or dev ops to add value to your products. Discover new apps every week, ranging from sentiment analysis to image recognition.

Once you find an app you want to use, our developer friendly API makes predicting it fast and simple!

Doppler App
Searchable, easily accessible, pretrained model available through an API

Doppler makes machine learning as simple as an API. Integrate your first Doppler app in just a couple minutes.

  • Infrastructureless
  • Less code, High reusability
  • Swap Doppler apps at any time
  • Active maintenance and support
Developers INVITE ONLY

Are you a machine learning engineer? Publish your models on Doppler with just one extra file.

  • Earning per prediction on all your apps
  • Visibility through the Doppler network
  • Support the community by making your valuable models accessible to everyone without exposing your codebase